L2 Reading/Writing

  • language: English
  • duration: 4 weeks
  • start date: 4:00 AM Sep. 09 2019

About this Course

This course focuses on basic English reading and writing skills for beginning English learners. Topics covered include writing simple paragraphs.

• 2.RW.1 Identify and produce correct formatting and components of simple paragraphs (title, topic sentence, details and examples in supporting sentences, and concluding sentence).

• 2.RW.2 Identify topics and controlling ideas in topic sentences.

• 2.RW.3 List steps of the writing process (prewrite, write, revise, and edit) in order.

• 2.RW.4 Respond to questions about short paragraphs.

• 2.RW.5 Produce descriptive and process paragraphs with correct formatting and paragraph components with logical order and appropriate transitions.

For the course syllabus, student forms, and policies, please refer to Student Resources on the TLC website.

Learning modules

  • Week 1
    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • Attendance

    • In Class Writing

    • Reading Comprehension Questions

    • Vocabulary Activity

    • Categories Activity

    • Topic Sentence and Concluding Sentence Practice

    • Favorite Room Descriptive Paragraph

  • Week 2
  • Week 3
  • Week 4

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